Cultivating Resiliency Where You Live and Work

Trauma is pervasive. And, it does not respect titles of ‘therapist,’ ‘teacher,’ ‘prisoner,’ or ‘patient.’

Resilient communities recognize how traumatic experiences and toxic stress affect us all, creating disconnection where healing should thrive. Traumatized Systems promotes clinical understanding and practical solutions for people generating therapeutic cultures. We will explore how healing can occur in traumatized brains and bodies as well as how we understand and confront unjust and bureaucratic systems that marginalize our most vulnerable neighbors.

Learning Objectives

Identify the long-term health implications of a victim’s adverse childhood experiences.

Explain the connection between biological trauma triggers and a victim’s behavioral responses

Identify self-care practices to address vicarious trauma

Understand how early traumatic events influence brain development.

Develop skills and tools to evaluate organizational trauma care capacity

Implement trauma-responsive practices and policy in the workplace


Trauma and Anxiety

Brain Development

Adverse Childhood Experiences (A.C.E)

Polyvagal Nervous System and Social Engagement Theory

Therapeutic best-practice and relational skill development

Vicarious Trauma and Self Care Practices

Customized experiential activities


In-person seminars

Minimum group size: 15-20 participants

Maximum audience size: NA

Time: 4 – 8 hour seminars (content and activities vary based on time limitations)

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