Together, we possess the skills, resources, and compassion to create measurable change.

Who We Are

Measurable Change empowers communities to create social change through strategic project development and compelling educational experiences.

What We Do

Strategic Project Development

Effective problem-solving strategies utilize an informed, systematic approach. Our methodology helps organizations align people and resources to advance their work and solve complex social issues. Our experience & expertise have been instrumental in the success of diverse initiatives for both commercial and nonprofit partners.


Professional Training

We create compelling, contextual, educational engagements centered on excellence in compassionate service and civic-minded innovation. We are currently offering seminars in the areas of Human Trafficking and Trauma Recovery for both professionals & community groups.

Current Focus - Human Trafficking 101

Broken systems are breaking people.
And it's time that changed.

Every public health and safety system tracks data on human trafficking, as they should. But our systems are dramatically misaligned. Law enforcement isn’t on the same page as healthcare, and healthcare isn’t on the same page as social work.

One hand doesn’t know what the other is doing, confusion builds, and the only people who benefit are the criminals.